Production Numbers for the Spitfire Supermarine

Total production of Spitfires and Seafires amounted to 22,789 and a breakdown of this figure into the various marks is given below.

For those that add up the individual numbers you will find that the total is 22,934 although it should be remembered that many variants were actually aircraft converted from previous marks.

In terms of armament there were four basic variations which are given below although again it is possible that conversions were made to individual aircraft - a notable example being the personal aircraft of Douglas Bader who did not trust the performance and reliability of the 20mm cannon and his aircraft was therefore fitted solely with machine guns.

Variant A - 8 x .303 inch machine guns

Variant B - 4 x .303 inch machine guns + 2 x 20mm cannon

Variant C - 4 x 20mm cannon + 500Ib bomb load

Variant E - 2 x .5 inch machine guns + 2 x 20mm cannon + 1000Ib bomb load

Mark Number Produced Armament type
Spitfires 20,340  
I }         Variant A
IB } 1,566 Variant B
IIA 750 Variant B
IIB 170 Variant B
III 1 Experimental - not known
IV 1 Griffon Prototype - not known
VA 94 Variant A
VB 3,923 Variant B
VC 2,447 Variant C
VPR 229 Variant C
VI 100 Variant C
VII 140 Variant C
VIII 1,658 Variant C
IX 5,665 Variant B, C or E
X 16 Variant B, C or E
XI 471 Un-armed Photo Reconnaissance version
XII 100 Variant B
XIII 18 4 x .303 machine guns only
XIV 957 Variant C or E
XVI 1,054 Variant C or E
XVIII 300 Variant E
XIX 225 Un-armed Photo Reconnaissance version
XX 1 Prototype - not known
21 122 Variant C
22 278 Variant C or E
24 54 Variant C - with rocket launchers
Seafires 2,594  
IB 166 Variant B
IIC 372 Variant B + Capacity for underwing bombs
III 1,220 Variant B (First folding wing)
XV 390 Variant B + 500lb bomb capacity
XVII 232 Variant C
45 50 Variant C
46 24 Variant C
47 140 Variant C