Spitfire Variations

View all the spitfire variations up to the Seafire 47.

Spitfire IA & IB
Original production model with 1,030hp Merlin II, eight browning 0.303 in. machine guns (initially only four fitted because of short supply) or Mk IB two 20mm and four .303 machine guns.
Spitfire II
Castle Bromwich aircraft with small minor changes and 1,175hp Merlin XII engine.
Spitfire III
Experimental prototype (one only) with 1,280hp Merlin XX engine.
Spitfire IV
Griffon prototype - same mark number used for 229 PR versions of Mark V.
Spitfire V
Strengthened fuselage for 1,440hp Merlin 45 or 1,470 Merlin 50, drop tank and bomb provisions. F or LF span with A, B or C armament.
Spitfire VI
High altitude interceptor with 1,415hp Merlin 47, pressurised cockpit and HF 40ft 2in pointed wings.
Spitfire VII
High altitude interceptor with two stage Merlin 61, 64 or 71 engine, pressurised cockpit, retractable tailwheel, often with broad pointed rudder.
Spitfire VIII
Two stage Merlin 61, 63, 66 or 70 engine, unpressurised, LF, F or HF wings.
Spitfire IX
Temporary stop gap marriage of uprated two stage engine, Merlin 61, 63, 66 or 70 with the Mk V airframe. LF F or HF wings, B, C or E armament.
Spitfire X
Pressurised version of PR-XI with Merlin 77 - one example with HF wing.
Spitfire XI
Unarmed reconnaissance aircraft with Merlin 61, 63 or 70.
Spitfire XII
Low level interceptor with single stage Griffon II or IV rated at 1,735hp, LF wing and B guns.
Spitfire XIII
Low level PR aircraft based on Mk V but with Merlin 32 (three blade propeller of DH type - unlike other late Spitfires) Four .303 in guns.
Spitfire XIV
Two stage Griffon 65 or 66, 2,050hp with five blade propeller and redesigned and strengthened airframe with symmetric deep radiators, broad tail and often teardrop canopy, F or LF span with C or E armament.
Spitfire XVI
Basic Mk IX with Packard Merlin 266, F or LF span usually fitted with C or E armament and many fitted with teardrop canopy.
Spitfire XVIII
Definitive fighter with two stage Griffon, F span, E guns, teardrop canopy and extra wing fuel. FR XVIII with rear fuselage reconnaissance camera (post war FR18)
Spitfire XIX
Unarmed PR version, two stage Griffon and mostly pressurised.
Spitfire XX
Single prototype rebuilt from MkIV and prototype MKVII
Spitfire 21
Redesigned airframe, mainly Griffon 61 or 64 with five blade propeller, 4 20mm guns.
Spitfire 22
Minor changes some with 2,375hp Griffon 85 and contra-propeller.
Spitfire 24
Minor changes, Spiteful tail and short barrel MkV cannon.
Seafire IB
Navalised Spitfire Vb
Seafire IIC
Catapult hooks and strengthened landing gear, Merlin 32 and four blade propeller.
Seafire III
Double folding wing, Merlin 55M 1,585hp.
Seafire XV
Single stage 1,850hp Griffon VI and asymmetric radiators as Spitfire XII, most with sting hooks and later versions with production teardrop canopy.
Seafire XVII
As Seafire XV with teardrop canopy, often strengthened landing gear, some (FR17) with camera in place of rear tank.
Seafire 45
Same airframe as Spitfire 21, non folding wings, Griffon 61 (Five blade) or Griffon 85 (contraprop)
Seafire 46
As Seafire 45 with teardrop canopy, FR46 with rear fuselage camera and late production Spiteful tail.
Seafire 47
Folding wing, mostly hydraulic, 2,375hp Griffon 87 or 88 with contraprop and carburettor air inlet just below spinner, increased fuel capacity, all late production FR type with camera.