The Seafang

The type 383 Seafang was designed to specification n.5/45 as a naval use Spiteful which was itself based on the Spitfire Mk XIV with a new laminar flow wing. A new arrester hook assembly was added to Spiteful RB520 and this new prototype first flew in 1946.

Production of this aircraft never commenced, however, the Seafire Mk47 was deemed to be adequate quite apart from the new jet aircraft Meteor and Vampire were now available.

The Mark F31 was fitted with a Griffon engine rated at 2,035 hp and driving a five blade propeller. Armament consisted of four 20mm cannon with provision for two 1,000lb bombs or rockets. Ten were produced, the first, VG471 being delivered on 15 January 1946.

The Mark F32 had folding wings, increased fuel capacity and a Griffon 89 engine rated at 2,350 hp driving two three bladed contra rotating propellers. Two of this type were completed, VB893 and VB895 (above) although there is some doubt as to whether these actually flew.